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Birthday resolutions

Birthday Resolutions

Birthdays, some people dread them, some people love them. I have just celebrated mine at the beginning of this month, and I’ve always liked to think of my birthday as my own personal New Year.┬áBirthdays are a chance to reflect on the previous year, and look forward to the next.

The last year has been an amazing one, I got married and also got promoted at work, so things have been good in different areas of my life. That means this year is going to be difficult to top, but at the same time, I’m not going to try. There’s something really good about being happy and looking forward to the future.

Birthdays are a chance to reflect on the previous year, and look forward to the next.

Reflecting on both the achievements and the failures of the previous year can be really helpful in setting goals for the next one. It’s important to remember the highs, and make sure you try and create more of those. I like to try and set myself goals, like starting this blog as a creative outlet, and try and keep pushing myself to do better.

The year ahead

For the next year, one of my biggest goals is to finally get as fit and healthy as I know I can be, and to continue my fitness routine and even improve it further. I also want to experiment with photography and career-wise, I want to finish the course in User Experience Design that I am currently studying, get a good mark in the exam, and then use these new skills to my full potential.

What are your personal resolutions? Let me know on Twitter.

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