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Denia, Spain

Denia Harbour, Spain

I write this blog post having just yesterday returned from a blissful week in Denia, Spain. I hear that the weather has been exceptionally horrific this week especially considering it’s June. Even us English expect reasonable temperatures and some sunny days in June, but thankfully this week seems to be a lot better.

Denia is a place that I have visited three times now, and I seem to enjoy it more with every visit. The weather is obviously great, as you come to expect with Spain, but it’s so much more than that.

Denia is a city on the Costa Blanca, halfway between Valcencia and Alicante. The option of two airports is a good start, but it’s really the 15km of beautiful coastline that really sells it. The golden sandy beaches with the glistening Mediterranean as their backdrop, are a wonderful place to spend a restful week.

Denia's beautiful sandy beaches at sunset

Denia’s beautiful sandy beaches at sunset

You’ll eat well here, restaurants are abundant and good options are available for all tastes and budgets. The Main Street of Marqués de Campo is a pretty tree lined walkway, with plenty of excellent restaurants, bars and shops, perfect for an evening stroll. If you’re looking for authentic Spanish tapas and paella, head to Denia Old Town. It’s main street is lined with tapas bars, the atmosphere is buzzing on a Summer’s evening.

Denia Old Town

Denia Old Town

Denia harbour, with the old castle overlooking it is another option for dining, with newly added bars, restaurants and shops all the way along it. A particular favourite is a cocktail bar called Lamarserena, built to look like a boat, with incredible views across the harbour.

Overlooking the Harbour and Castle, Denia

Overlooking the Harbour and Castle

Sun, sea, sandy beaches, great food, lovely cocktails, shopping and beautiful scenery. No wonder I didn’t want to come home.

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