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The Ultimate Vegetarian Lunch, London


A girl’s day out needs a great lunch, and after a fantastic visit to The Photographer’s Gallery in the morning, Mum and I were ready for some tasty food.

Ethos was the perfect place, it’s a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that works in a buffet style, with a huge array of hot and cold dishes to choose from. It’s also got the coolest decor, with trees in the middle of the room, giving it a real earthy, hipster vibe.

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The restaurant operates a pay by weight system, so you simply fill your plate up with goodies and pay a cost per 100g at the till. I’m not a vegetarian by the way, but I do enjoy veggie food and I am trying to cut down on the amount of meat I am eating.

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Here’s what I chose from the magnificent buffet, deep breath:

  • Butternut squash, spinach and feta salad
  • Humus and pita bread
  • Courgette fritters
  • Patatas bravas
  • Quorn lasagne
  • Mexican rice with beans
  • Green bean salad
  • Sweet potato croquettes

I cleared my plate and all of it was absolutely delicious.

Next there’s the cakes, biscuits and other sweet treats. Now this, is where it’s at.


I cannot tell you how stunning the desserts table is, laid out with an amazing array of delights, it’s just heaven.

Meringues, cupcakes, brownies, flapjacks, macaroons, cakes, biscuits, muffins…the list goes on!

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Next time you fancy a bit of shopping on Oxford Street, or if you visit The Photographer’s Gallery, I’ve just found your new lunch spot.

You can thank me later!


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