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Views from the Castle, Spain


Travel is always on my mind, searching for new places and the joy of booking a new trip. Then arriving somewhere and taking it all in, the food, culture, the sights and sounds of it all. Discovering new places is truly my favourite thing.

Sometimes though, life gets in the way and you just need to escape. So at the last minute, My husband Neil and I booked a trip to Denia, Spain, for a week of relaxation.

I may have visited before, but I still wanted to explore, and try and find something new to experience. So off we headed into the town, in search of the castle on the hill. From the old town, we followed the signs towards the castle, first through a tunnel running underneath the hill, coming out to some impressive graffiti art.

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Continuing on through little streets steadily uphill. This felt like the real Spain, away from the masses of empty holiday homes and tourist traps, the narrow streets and pretty whitewashed houses were just beautiful.

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Once we finally reached the castle, we could see that the views were worth the climb. Some of the buildings may not be the prettiest, and the sky was grey, but with the Montgo mountain as it’s backdrop, and the sea on one side, the view was lovely.

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Neil often comments on how I’m always climbing hills, stairs or buildings in search of a gorgeous view. Well why not, that’s why I travel, after all.


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